Untitled (two-fold)

Parting Space

Say No More. Trust.

Folded Space (L)

Around the corner

Without title (Upset/Down)

Folded space (M)

Open Atelier – Studio Setup


‘Without title (Filled with space)’

Untitled (Cardboard space with curved window)

Matter Matters

‘Without title (Cut out)’

‘Without title (Frame)’

‘Without title (the space between the bars)’

‘Without title (Same room different house)’

‘Without title (Stacked Space)’

‘Without title (Backside)’

‘Untitled (Together)’

‘Can’t accept (Second attempt)’

‘Without title (A house without a home)’

‘Without title (Cube)’

‘Stuck on a stick’

‘Met het huis in deur vallen’

De Pont (overview)

‘Without title (Woods)’

‘Without title (Another construction)’

‘Without title (Yet again a billboard)’

‘Without title (Construction)’

‘Without title (Where is my mind)’

‘One of four colours’

‘Without title (Another billboard)’

‘Without title (horizon)’

‘Without title (Billboard)’

‘Thirty-five studies of a billboard’

‘Without title (Wall/Storage)’

‘Luie deur’

‘Can’t accept’


‘Without title (Hallway)’